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This site offers images and information on various aspects of biodiversity, mostly British, and is under continuing development. In part it is a mirror and extension of material until recently hosted on the Life & Earth Sciences (Paisley campus) teaching server at the University of the West of Scotland, with addition of new material.  The author retains personal copyright for the material moved or mirrored here.
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go to Photographs of Scottish & other British LichensPhotographs of Scottish & other British Lichens
Originally set up to share my photographs from the Kindrogan lichen courses of 2002 and 2003, and expanded to provide good-size illustrations of a growing range of British lichens, with brief identification notes and other information. My own voyage of discovery as I learn more about these fascinating dual organisms.
Biodiversity Reference - go to Biodiversity ReferenceBiodiversity Reference
Only partly in operation at present – a miscellany of photographs and short accounts of species and habitats. An existing teaching resource, which is being transferred here and expanded, retaining the taxonomic structure of the original. The original site is at but is now only intermittently available and will soon be switched off for good.
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Please remember, copyright exists in all images and other material on this site. Requests for non-commercial use of images in the fields of conservation and education will generally be viewed positively – for a summary of what you can do and not do, please view this page.


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