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Conditions of use

  1. Except where otherwise stated, all text, photographs and graphics (including backgrounds) on this domain ( and contained subdomains are © A.J. Silverside. These pages include a continuation and extension of material that has been used to supplement biological teaching at the University of the West of Scotland (formerly University of Paisley) (former URL:, but the author has retained personal copyright on such images and text as are now used here.
  2. All copyrights, as protected by British and international law, are reserved, whether or not copyright statements are specifically associated with any image, text or other element included on these pages.
  3. Anyone wishing to link to these pages from their own is welcome do so, but I will always appreciate e-mail notification that this is being done. I reserve the right to change subdirectory structure at any time.
  4. Linking to individual images, so that someone else's pages parasitise my bandwidth, is not permitted. I reserve the right to change the nature of any image.
  5. As is accepted Internet practice, web pages and images may be downloaded for private use and may be electronically archived or printed as single copies.
  6. Bona fide students wishing to incorporate images on these pages into single items of coursework may do so. The copyright owner (normally myself) and the source page must acknowledged. This permission does not extend to use in any subsequent publication, nor may the images be used on any web page without specific permission.
  7. Lecturers in educational establishments who wish to use images on these pages in visual aids (such as overhead transparencies, PowerPoint) are welcome to do so, provided that the copyright owner (normally myself) and the source page are acknowledged. This permission extends to provision of single printed copies to registered students on the course concerned. Permission is also granted for storage of copies of images or pages on intranet, course-specific VLEs (such as Blackboard or Moodle) by such educational establishments, provided that access is restricted to registered students on the course and those directly concerned with management of the course (e.g. teaching teams, external examiners).
  8. Prior permission is required before an image or any text is incorporated into any other Web page. It is likely that any such request will be viewed positively, provided that it refers to a legitimate, non-commercial page or site under the direct control of those requesting the permission for use, that the copyright owner (normally myself) and the source page are acknowledged, and that this (or an equivalent) copyright statement is appended. Inclusion of these images in material submitted to a third-party website (e.g. Wikipedia sites) is generally NOT acceptable, nor is use of multiple images from this domain.
  9. Any use of text or images on these pages outside conditions outlined above requires permission from the copyright owner(s), with negotiation of a suitable fee if appropriate. It should be noted that that the resolution of photographs included here is a compromise between clarity, on the one hand, and image file size and downloading speed on the other. They should not be taken to represent either the quality of the originals or the maximum potential for high resolution, printable copies.
  10. Links on these pages to other sites are provided in good faith, but no responsibility can be accepted for contents of external sites. Anyone clicking a provided link must be aware that contents of pages may change and that domains may be sold and used for other purposes, and that it is their responsibility to maintain internet security.
  11. Any advertising on this site will be accepted only from individuals, companies or organisations that I feel are appropriate to the site and whom I believe to operate ethical business practice. However, no responsibility is accepted for goods, services and actions of any advertisers on this site, nor for the actions of any organisation linked from these pages.
  12. This domain is hosted by, whom I believe to operate ethical business practice. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any actions of the host. Pages as uploaded to the host for this domain do not invoke use of cookies or data harvesting.
  13. The above conditions may be varied at any time and may be modified by statements on individual pages.
  14. Contact e-mail for the author is given below. Regrettably this has to be given only as a non-clickable image to reduce harvesting by spammers.

A.J. Silverside

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Page first posted March 2008, updated November 2013. Site includes mirror and extension of material first hosted at, September 1998 onwards. Except where otherwise stated, all text, photographs and graphics (including backgrounds) © A.J. Silverside. The author retains personal copyright on applicable material first hosted at